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re:address week: discussions on housing and homelessness

The City of Vancouver is in the process of resetting its current Housing and Homelessness Strategy. This innovative, accessible and interactive process, called re:address, kicks off with a series of events this week with  global leaders, local experts and engaged citizens to shape the direction of the next Housing & Homeless Strategy’s five to 10 year priorities.

The key principles and themes of re:address will be focused on exploring ways to best deliver a diversity of long term housing solutions that are resilient, future focused and most importantly, targeting the needs of those people who live and work in Vancouver.

Topics to be discussed include Indigenous housing innovation, new global economic models, shifting generational needs and wants and the growth of the non-profit sector.

For more information and a list of daily events, please visit or e-mail:

Get in on the conversation at #readdresshousing