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1. What is Streetohome?

We are a foundation dedicated to finding solutions for homelessness in Vancouver. Our role is to work with our community to increase permanent, supportive housing and create social change that will help prevent homelessness and improve quality of life. We are not a housing provider, though we provide funding support to organizations that do build and operate housing programs.

2. How can I set up an appointment to talk with somebody around housing?

Streetohome Foundation does not provide housing, we are a funder of supportive housing projects. If you are interested in one of the projects we have funded, please contact our office at 604-629-2711 or and we can put you in touch with the service provider that manages the project.

3. When will the eight City Sites that Streetohome has funded be up and running?

The first two sites were started construction in Fall 2010, and by September 2014, seven of the eight sites will be open and tenanted.

4. What target groups will these projects focus on?

These projects will help to house a range of populations, including the target groups that Streetohome Foundation has identified as the most vulnerable: chronically homeless adults, youth, and mothers with children. For more information, please visit the BC Housing.

5. I’ve developed a housing system, roofing system, etc and would like to partner with Streetohome on a project. Who do I contact and what is the process?

Streetohome is not involved in the construction of projects. The construction of most sites are managed by BC Housing and we would like to encourage you to connect directly with Armin Amrolia, Regional Director of Development at BC Housing. She can be reached at 604.439.4198 or by email at

6. I would like to speak with Streetohome about a project. What is the process for this?

Please send information about your project to and we will respond to your email as soon as possible.

8. I would like to make a donation to Streetohome. How do I do this?

Thank you for your interest in helping to make a difference in our community. If you would like to discuss your donation with us, please call us at 604.629.2711 or you can donate online here.

9. We would like to hold an event with the proceeds going to Streetohome. How do we do this?

Please contact us at to discuss the details of the event with us.

10. We are holding an event and would like to apply for sponsorship funding from Streetohome. What is the process for this?

Streetohome does not currently provide event sponsorship.