Streetohome 2010 Annual Report

Everyone should have a home that’s safe, affordable, and appropriate. However, thousands of people in Vancouver don’t have a place to call their own, or are at serious risk of homelessness.

Streetohome Thanks YouStreetohome Foundation came to life in 2008 to bring together a wide range of partners from across the community with a common goal: to break the cycle of homelessness in Vancouver.

2011 marks one year since Streetohome launched its 10-Year Plan for Vancouver. Our first Annual Report & Progress Report is fulfilling our promise to the community that we would measure and share our achievements each year.

This year Streetohome’s activity really accelerated by investing in new projects, engaging with new stakeholders, and setting a strategic direction to make sure our efforts have the best outcomes for those in need.

There is a palpable energy and drive in our city to collaborate on new opportunities impacting homelessness that will make a difference in our city.

It’s been an exciting start. We want that momentum to grow. There are still many people living on our streets who need a place to call home, and Vancouver is poised and ready to create real and lasting change by breaking the cycle of homelessness.

> A message from our CEO and Chair