Community Support

Vancouver has started to change the way we think about homelessness. In the last year, Streetohome Foundation has seen a groundswell of activity – at the Government and grassroots level – leading to a surge of activity in the creation of new, supported housing.

Individuals and organizations from across the community, with diverse interests and mandates, have come forward with their support for new approaches to preventing and ending homelessness in our city. We’ve developed good relationships with our partners in the community, both the non-profit organizations providing hands-on service, and the groups affected by social development. The interest and encouragement for ending homelessness in Vancouver is gratifying.

We are particularly grateful for the support we’ve received from the private sector, our donors in the corporate and philanthropic community. As a result of their generosity, Streetohome has raised more than 50 percent of our Phase 1 fundraising target of $26.5 million. This is funding that has been, and will be, invested in a variety of projects and programs that are expected to show the greatest potential for reducing and preventing homelessness in Vancouver.