Goal 3: Build broad public support and commitment for permanent solutions to homelessness

The success of Streetohome is as much about building partnerships as building homes. If we’re going to truly make a difference in solving homelessness in Vancouver, everyone in our city needs to take responsibility.

Goal 3Homelessness is one of our city’s most visible issues. But many people don’t understand the complexities, the causes, and the challenges in making change. Streetohome has had great opportunities to educate and inform a wide range of groups – including students, philanthropists, community groups, faith-based organizations, businesses – through almost weekly speaking engagements and meetings.

During the 2010 Olympics, our community came together to celebrate the world, and make a difference here in our own backyard. Through the House of Switzerland auction and Home for the Games home-stay program, visitors from across the globe had a chance to learn about and contribute to the great need in our city.

Our capital campaign launched in May with a goal of raising $26.5 million for Phase 1. By the end of December, campaign chair Frank Giustra and his committee were more than half-way to that figure, and the campaign is still going strong.

Streetohome’s 10-Year Plan captured the attention of the community in early January, and we continued to work with our partners in the media throughout the year on providing updates. In December, Streetohome and our partners participated in an eight-part series by CTV called “Off the Streets,” a look at the challenges and solutions to solving homelessness in Vancouver, which aired in January 2011.

As we make progress, we see the community taking notice.