Streetohome 2011 Annual Report

Welcome to our 2011 Annual Report

A message from the Chair and CEO of Streetohome Foundation

John McLernon, Chair, Board of Directors, Streetohome Foundation        Dick Vollet, CEO, Streetohome Foundation

In 2011, Streetohome Foundation witnessed growing support from a dedicated and caring group of philanthropic individuals and organizations, supporting a number of new projects and approaches to housing. These achievements will strengthen a fragile continuum of housing, and help shift this city onto a more solid foundation with additional organizations working together to provide the support we all believe is needed.

Over the year we have worked in collaboration with our partners – the Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the health authorities, Vancouver Police Department, B.C. Corrections, and our donors – to develop and refine strong models that combine housing and supports based on research, best practices, and clearly definable long-term housing outcomes.

The net result has been remarkable. We were able to invest in initiatives that provided housing and support to Aboriginal women with babies that will help prevent them from becoming homeless. As ‘Housing First’ is one of our top priorities, we are helping build innovative modular homes for women hoping to flee the need to work in the sex trade. We also committed to building housing for marginalized women with programs to help them move to economic independence.

New projects and ideas are constantly discussed, and we are proud to be looked upon by the community as a foundation that remains neutral, yet focused, on solving and preventing homelessness. For the first time in nearly a decade, the number of homeless people in this city has stopped increasing. This reflects the collaborative approach all partners are taking towards this social issue which impacts us all in different ways.

If we continue to work hard, we will be able to help more people living on our streets move into a housing continuum, with the supports and programs in place needed to break the cycle of homelessness.  Let’s work together to maintain this positive momentum within our community, and work towards ‘solving’ homelessness.

Dick Vollet, President and CEO
John McLernon, Chair