Welcome to our 2012 Annual Report

John McLernon         Rob Turnbull

A message from the Chair and CEO of Streetohome Foundation

2012 was a landmark year for Streetohome, full of growth and progress. We closed our first Capital Campaign in late December 2012, raising $26.5 million in just over two years. Support for Streetohome and the issue of homelessness from the philanthropic community in Vancouver has been truly inspiring. The success of Streetohome’s Capital Campaign shows that Vancouver is full of caring citizens who are committed to ensuring every person has a home, and no one has to sleep on the street. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our donors for their generous contributions.

Through partnerships with the City of Vancouver, Province of BC, and various service providers, our City Sites have started to open, giving some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable citizens a new chance to make a difference in their lives. We are continually humbled by the work our partners do to help people achieve and maintain housing, and it reinforces our mandate to prioritize supportive homes, not just shelter.

Streetohome has now completed Phase I (2010-2012) of our 10-Year Plan to solve homelessness in the city of Vancouver, and there is an opportunity to review our progress, identify lessons learned, set new targets based on the Homeless Count, investigate evidence-based research and promising practices, and consider additional housing and support service models that may better meet our objectives.

With ongoing commitment from the private sector, government and community partners, our Board of Directors, and volunteer committees, Streetohome will move forward into Phase II (2013-2015) of our 10-Year Plan. With our help, Vancouver continues to make great strides towards solving homelessness in our city, and we couldn’t be more proud about the progress being made in this community.

John McLernon, Chair

Rob Turnbull, President & CEO