Goal 3: Build broad public support and commitment for permanent solutions to homelessness

Silver Wheaton announcement

Silver Wheaton, Streetohome and RainCity Housing announce a $1.5 million donation from Silver Wheaton

Solving homelessness is a community responsibility. It is Streetohome’s goal to increase public awareness and motivate support for breaking the cycle of homelessness in the City of Vancouver.

We have built strong relationships and are working together with the BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, service providers, community partners, and the private sector, proving that collaboration and commitment can lead to great improvement on issues as large and complex as homelessness.

A great indicator of support for ending homelessness came when Streetohome closed our Capital Campaign in December 2012. We raised $26.5 million in just over two years from individuals, businesses and community foundations. The generosity of our donors shows that Vancouverites really care and believe we can solve homelessness if we work together.

Gregor Robertson (Vancouver Mayor) shoots a segment for Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

Gregor Robertson (Vancouver Mayor) shoots a segment for our Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness video

Our other main focus for public outreach in 2012 was crafting the new Streetohome video: Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness. The video tells the story of Streetohome’s successes and the progress being made in reducing homelessness in Vancouver. With an overall message of hope, the video will be used as a tool to foster public support and show that our collective efforts are working to get people off of the street or out of shelters and into homes.

We have continued to learn through collaboration and involvement with other groups. Streetohome has worked with a number of organizations including, Homelessness Action Week, the Rent Bank Steering Committee, the Downtown Vancouver Association, Metro Vancouver Homelessness Initiative, the BC Non-Profit Housing Association, the Sustainability Committee for the Mental Health Commission’s At Home Chez Soi program, and the City Sites Committee (the 14 city sites tenanting initiative).

Virginia Weiler (Vancity Board Chair) announces donation to Streetohome, directed towards Taylor Manor redevelopment

Virginia Weiler (Vancity Board Chair) announces donation to Streetohome, directed towards Taylor Manor redevelopment

Streetohome has also continued to build our presence in the media, with announcements about the redevelopment of Taylor Manor, the opening of Sanford Apartments, a $1.5 million gift from Silver Wheaton, and the launch of Vancouver’s first Rent Bank providing a strong profile for Streetohome in 2012.