Progress Report

  1. Amount of funding contributed to projects through Streetohome in 2012: $2.35 million
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    • • $1.24 million – Sanford Apartments
      • $500,000 – 31 West Pender
      • $366,667 – Bosman Hotel
      • $150,000 – Vancouver Rent Bank
      • $80,000 – Covenant House
      • $15,000 – Shared Services Business Case

      In 2012, Streetohome also committed $1.4 million to Taylor Manor for 56 new supportive housing units for people living with mental illness and addictions. This building is expected to open in 2015.

  2. Amount of funds raised and different sources of funds raised/leveraged by Streetohome (at December 31, 2012): $26.5 million raised
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    • Streetohome Foundation is committed to increasing levels of public, private and philanthropic investment in permanent supportive housing and homelessness services. We launched Phase I of our Capital Campaign in May 2010, and by December 2012 we had raised 100 per cent of our $26.5 million goal. Contributions have been made by the corporate sector, private philanthropists, foundations, community organizations, and caring individuals. More than $24.7 million of the $26.5 million raised has already been committed to projects.

  3. Number of units in development or completed: 1082
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    • Streetohome continues to support the creation of new supportive homes for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Vancouver. Since 2008, we have helped create the following developments:

      • 1237 Howe Street – 110 units – McLaren Housing Society (proposed completion May 2013)

      • 2299 Fir Street, Sanford Apartments – 62 units –Katherine Sanford Housing Society & MPA Society (opened in June 2012, official celebration November 2012)

      • 215 West 2nd – 147 units – Katherine Sanford Housing Society & RainCity Housing (proposed completion March 2013)

      • 1050 Expo Blvd – 89 units – 127 Society For Housing & The Bloom Group (formally St. James Community Service Society)

      • 111 Princess – 139 units – Portland Housing Society (proposed completion April 2014)

      • 1134 Burrard – 141 units, with 30 set aside for youth – The Kettle Society (formerly The Kettle Friendship Society) & Family Services of Greater Vancouver (proposed completion February 2014)

      • 2465 Fraser Street – 99 units, with 30 set aside for youth – Vancouver Native Housing Society & Pacific Community Resources Society (proposed completion March 2014)

      • 220 Princess, Budzey Building – 147 units, with 41 set aside for women with children – RainCity Housing (proposed completion May 2014)

      • Aboriginal Mother Centre – 16 units – Lu’ma Native Housing (completed December 2011)

      • London Hotel – 25 units – Atira Women’s Resource Society (completed 2009)

      • 31 West Pender – 24 units – Vancouver Native Housing (completed June 2012)

      • YWCA Cause We Care – 21 units (proposed completion Spring 2015)

      • Atira Container Housing – 6 units (proposed completion Summer 2013)

      • Taylor Manor – 56 units (proposed completion Spring 2015)

  4. Number of people housed by target group: 211 Adults, 30 Youth, 16 Families
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    • Adults - goal of 360 units by 2013

      • 100 chronically homeless individuals housed through the At Home/Chez Soi research demonstration project
      • 62 units at Sanford Apartments, first of eight City Sites
      • 24 units at 31 West Pender for people who are homeless or at risk
      • 25 units in the London Hotel

      Under development:
      • 837 of the 938 units in development through the eight City Sites will be allocated to adults, scheduled to be available in 2013 and 2014
      • 6 units in development through Atira’s Container Housing Project to be complete in 2013
      • 56 units in development for people with mental health and addictions issues at Taylor Manor, scheduled to be available in 2015

      • 211 homes achieved of 360 with 899 coming on stream to exceed target by 750 homes

      Youth – goal of 180 units by 2013

      • 30 units within Covenant House Vancouver’s Semi-Independent Housing Program

      Under development:
      • 60 of the 938 units in development through the eight City Sites, scheduled to be available in 2014

      • 30 homes achieved of 180 with 60 coming on stream to miss target by 90 homes

      Families – goal of 60 units by 2013

      • 16 single mothers with young children at the Aboriginal Mother Centre

      Under development:
      • 41 of the 938 units in development through the eight City Sites, scheduled to be available in 2014
      • 21 units in development for mothers with children through YWCA’s Cause We Care House

      • 16 homes achieved with 62 coming on stream to exceed target by 18 homes

  5. Retention rates of people housed: 86 percent
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    • Through our partnership with the national At Home/Chez Soi project, Streetohome has access to valuable data collection and research on retention rates in Vancouver. As of December 2011, At Home/Chez Soi found that of the 226 people currently housed through the project in Vancouver, 86% of participants remain in their first or second housing unit. The researchers proposed that stable housing creates the possibility of better long term health and social outcomes for individuals who have histories of trauma and poor health. As more Streetohome-funded housing comes on stream, we plan to gather further data on retention rates.

  6. Progress in development and implementation of a central housing registry for private rental units: Future focus
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    • Streetohome has committed to supporting public policies that will help prevent homelessness over time, and championing initiatives that are investigating or creating the possibility of a central registry of affordable market housing.

  7. Changes in policy: Future focus
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    • Streetohome’s 10-Year Plan indicated the need to support public policies that would prevent homelessness and create housing for those in need. We support the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, its national strategy to address homelessness, and its focus on supporting communities, municipalities, and provincial and national governments to develop strategic and coordinated responses to homelessness.

      Streetohome is a member of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association and supports this organization’s efforts to promote affordable housing and end homelessness across Canada. Streetohome has publicly supported two past private member’s bills proposing the creation of a National Housing Strategy for Canada at the Federal level. We remain committed to working with partners to advocate for increased collaboration with all levels of government as a means to solve homelessness.

  8. Continue to participate in the provincial Homeless Intervention Project, and support its efforts to create a more systematic approach to prevention: Building from best practices learned
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    • The Homeless Intervention Project is no longer active. Streetohome Foundation will apply the best practices acquired from the project to create a more systematic approach to prevention.

      HIP partners introduced a number of programs, including:
      • 23 hotel rooms dedicated to clients awaiting admission to the Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addictions (BCMHA)

      • A specialized Community Assistance Program with integrated housing and supports for 20 youth (Urban Youth Project)

      • A pilot in two Province of BC-owned SROs where residents had access to a fully integrated team comprising of an income assistance worker, a BC Housing worker, and a tenant support worker from on-site not-for-profit service providers and Vancouver Coastal Health’s Clinical Tenant Support Team (a nurse, case manager and health care worker)

  9. Number of individuals prevented from becoming homeless after release from corrections or hospital: Future focus
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    • The 2011 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count was the first to calculate the number of homeless individuals leaving corrections or hospital care. In Vancouver, on the day of the count there were 91 individuals leaving corrections institutions, detox facilities, and health institutions.

      This information will assist Streetohome in assessing the housing gap for people leaving these facilities, and build capacity within the housing continuum so that these individuals can be supported or housed after discharge. Without effective discharge planning, these individuals often find themselves on the streets or in shelters, and many of these people will continue to flow in and out of these institutions.

  10. Number of individuals engaged as Streetohome supporters and public champions: Hundreds
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    • One of Streetohome’s main goals is to build broad public support around the issue of homelessness. Part of this activity includes promoting Streetohome and our work to the community at large.

      In 2012, we raised our organization’s profile by increasing our online community through Facebook and Twitter, with 385 fans on Facebook, and 611 followers on Twitter. The amount of traffic to our website remains consistent, averaging around 300 visitors per week. Streetohome also sent email newsletters to over 600 subscribers every quarter, along with regular updates promoting news and events throughout the year.

      We also raised our profile in the community through events and speaking engagements. Streetohome staff were keynote speakers at a number of community and corporate events during the year including, the CIBC Lunch & Learn, Dehoney Financial LOCO business mixer, United Way Public Policy Bootcamp, AME BC Mineral Exploration Roundup and the Rent Bank Forum. Streetohome was also featured in the Pacific Blue Cross Healthy Outcomes Calendar 2012, with a photo of Board Member Lloyd Craig and information on our organization’s work.

      The support for Streetohome and its partner organizations is reflected in the number of donors, both through our Capital Campaign and through third-party events including, the Jo Malone dinner in the window of Holt Renfrew, the Radcliffe Foundation Streetohome Fundraiser, and more.