Goal 3: Build broad public support and commitment for permanent solutions to homelessness

Solving homelessness is a community responsibility.

In 2013, Streetohome continued to increase public awareness and motivate support for breaking the cycle of homelessness in the City of Vancouver. We launched a new story series that celebrates the lives transformed through Streetohome-funded supportive housing. Called ‘A Home for Everyone’, the series was launched during Homelessness Action Week in October 2013.

Streetohome interviewed people who have received housing support and advocacy to find out why having a stable home makes such a difference in each of their lives. From a single mom looking for a better life for her family, to a person living with mental illness finding hope for the future, “A Home for Everyone” shared the stories of how stable, supportive housing has affected the lives of people who were previously homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Read the story of Zahra and Silvia, two single mothers who found that long term, family-focused supported housing has been a saving grace, and a way to secure a stable future for their children.

Read the entire A Home for Everyone story series.

Streetohome also participated in the Out of the Rain Art Exhibition and Auction on October 18, 2013 during Homelessness Action Week 2013. The event was run by the City of Vancouver, with artists donating their work and painting umbrellas that were sold during the auction. Art was provided by many of Vancouver’s established artists, as well as people who were formerly homeless or at risk. The event was well attended, and Out of the Rain raised $3,800 from art and umbrella sales, with proceeds going to Streetohome Foundation.