Progress Report

  1. Amount of funding contributed to projects through Streetohome: $1.9 million in 2010
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    • Streetohome has committed to providing permanent housing with appropriate support services to address the gap for those who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.

      $1.1 Million – At Home/Chez Soi Project for renovations to the Bosman Hotel Community. This research demonstration project is monitoring the effectiveness of a Housing First approach to people who have been homeless, and are dealing with addictions and mental health issues. Ideally, following the project participants will move into permanent supported housing.

      $500,000 to the reconstruction of the Aboriginal Mother Centre on Dundas Street, to create 16 units of transitional supportive housing for homeless women and their children. The building will be managed by Lu’ma Native Housing Society, and Aboriginal Mother Centre will provide supports as well as a licensed daycare for 25 children.

      $45,000 to support McLaren Housing Society’s portable rent subsidy.

      $250,000 for renovations to the London Hotel to house 32 individuals.

  2. Amount of funds raised and different sources of funds raised/leveraged by Streetohome (at December 31, 2010): More than $13 million committed
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    • Streetohome Foundation committed to increasing levels of public, private and philanthropic investment in permanent supportive housing and services. We launched Phase 1 of our capital campaign in May 2010, and by year end had raised more than 50 percent of the $26.5 million goal. Contributions have been made by the corporate sector, by private philanthropists, by community organizations, and from caring individuals.

  3. Number of units in development or completed: 954
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    • Streetohome has committed to providing permanent housing with appropriate support services to address the gap for those who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness. In partnership with the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC, Streetohome has provided funding to build 934 new units that are either under construction or in development on eight sites across Vancouver. An additional 16 units are near completion at the Aboriginal Mother Centre for women with babies and small children who would otherwise be homeless.

      1237 Howe Street – 110 units (McLaren Housing Society)

      2299 Fir Street – 62 units (Katherine Sanford Housing Society & MPA Society)

      215 West 2nd – 147 units (Katherine Sanford Housing Society & RainCity Housing)

      1050 Expo Blvd – 89 units (127 Society For Housing & St. James Community Service Society)

      111 Princess – 139 units (Portland Housing Society)

      1134 Burrard – 141 units, with 30 set aside for youth (Kettle Housing Society & Family Services of Greater Vancouver)

      675 East Broadway – 103 units, with 30 set aside for youth (Vancouver Native Housing Society & Pacific Community Resources Society)

      606 Powell – 147 units, with 41 set aside for women with children (RainCity Housing)

      Aboriginal Mother Centre – 16 units (Lu’ma Native Housing)

  4. Number of people housed by target group: 132 Adults
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    • Adults – goal of 360 units by 2013

      Achieved in 2010:
      100 chronically homeless individuals through the At Home/Chez Soi research demonstration project
      32 units in the London Hotel

      Youth- goal of 180 units by 2013

      Achieved in 2010:
      60 units in development through the eight City sites, scheduled to be available in 2013

      Families- goal of 60 units by 2013

      Achieved in 2010:
      41 units in development through the eight City sites, scheduled to be available in 2013
      16 units near completion at the Aboriginal Mother Centre

  5. Retention rates of people housed: Future focus
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    • In 2010, a number of Streetohome-funded projects were established, and it’s too early to measure retention rates. By our next Annual Report in 2012, we will be able to assess retention rates for some of these projects.

      Through our partnership with the At Home/Chez Soi project, Streetohome looks forward to having access to valuable data collection and research on retention rates, along with quality of life indicators, that can be achieved through supportive housing.

  6. Progress in development and implementation of a central housing registry for private rental units: Future focus
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    • Streetohome has committed to supporting public policies that will help prevent homelessness over time, and has begun investigating the possibility of a central registry of affordable market housing.

  7. Changes in policy: Future focus
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    • In the 10-Year Plan, we indicated a need for change to a number of government policies that would help create new housing for those in need, and help to prevent future homelessness. Streetohome has supported the adoption of Bill C304 at the Federal level, which calls for a National Housing Strategy for Canada. We will continue to monitor and support change that will create new housing and prevention programs.

  8. Continue to participate in the provincial Homeless Intervention Project, and support its efforts to create a more systematic approach to prevention: Ongoing
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    • HIP partners introduced a number of programs, including:

      1. 23 rooms dedicated at St. Helen’s Hotel , through BC Housing, as transitional and supportive housing for clients awaiting admission to the Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addictions (BCMHA)
      2. A specialized Community Assistance Program with integrated housing and supports for 20 youth (Urban Youth Project)
      3. A pilot in two Province of BC-owned, supportive hotels (the Beacon and the Dominion) where residents have access to a fully integrated team comprising of an income assistance worker, a BC Housing worker, a tenant support worker from on-site not-for-profit service providers and Vancouver Coastal Health’s Clinical Tenant Support Team (a nurse, case manager and health care worker)
  9. Number of individuals prevented from becoming homeless after release from corrections or hospital: Future focus
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    • In 2010, Streetohome’s focus was on the rapid development of a number of capital projects to help close the housing gap for those on the streets. In the coming months, we will turn our attention to prevention programs and projects.

  10. Number of individuals engaged as Streetohome supporters and public champions: Hundreds
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    • Our goal at Streetohome is to not only increase the amount of much-needed housing in our city, but to raise awareness of the challenges surrounding homelessness. In 2010, we were delighted by the amount of public interest and support in the 10-Year Plan and our efforts in the community.

      We’ve dramatically increased our online community through Facebook and Twitter, with 274 fans on Facebook, and 221 followers on Twitter – more than a 100 percent increase in both in less than one year. The amount of traffic to our website remains consistent, averaging 308 visitors per week.

      Streetohome’s public profile rose throughout 2010, and staff were keynote speakers for a number of community groups during the year, including classes from Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia, business organizations, corporations, and community associations and events like the launch of Vancouver Foundation’s Vital Signs report.

      The support for Streetohome and its partner organizations is reflected in the increase of donors, both through our Capital Campaign, and through unsolicited third-party events like Home for the Games, the Dollar-a-Day campaign, the House of Switzerland online Olympic auction, and the Grey Matter arts show. Over the course of 2010, 196 donors committed more than $13 million in support for Streetohome projects.