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'a home for everyone' story series

'a home for everyone' story series

For Homelessness Action Week 2013, Streetohome interviewed people who have received housing support and advocacy to find out why having a stable home makes such a difference in each of their lives.

From a single mom looking for a better life for her family, to a person living with mental illness finding hope for the future, “A Home for Everyone” shares the stories of how stable, supportive housing has affected the lives of people who were previously homeless or at risk of homelessness.

A Hand-up for a Hopeful Future
For Christine and her daughter, an $1800 emergency loan from the Vancouver Rent Bank saved them from losing their home. Read their story.


Home Means a Bright Family Future
Zahra and Silvia are two single mothers living in YWCA housing who found the support needed to provide a better life for their daughters. Read their story.


Finding a Way Back Home
One year ago Adeline was homeless. A year living in supportive housing has given new meaning to her life and her paintings. Read her story.



The Long Road to a Healthy Home
From shelter to hospital to supportive housing, Redge was making funeral arrangements prior to receiving a home. Read his story.