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annual report

Annual Report

We are making sure to fulfill our promise to the community that we would measure and share our achievements each year. 

Our 2015 Annual Report is now out. A few highlights from this year's report:

• Since 2008, Streetohome has contributed nearly $29 million to supportive housing and homelessness prevention projects.

• In 2015, five new supportive housing buildings providing 441 homes officially opened: Kettle on Burrard (adults and youth with mental health issues); Taylor manor (adults with mental health and adductions); Kwayasut (Aboriginal adults and youth); 111 Princess (adults with more severe mental health and addictions challenges; and The Budzey (women-led families and their children).

• We have also committed funding for an additional 167 homes: Cause We Care House (single mothers and their children at risk of homelessness); 41 East Hastings (homeless couples); Fire Hall #5 (women escaping violence); Co:Here (homeless living in Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood).

• In 2015, Streetohome added two new Board members: Kevin Falcon, Executive Vice-President, Anthem Properties (former BC Minister of Finance/Deputy Premier, Minister of Health Services and Minister of Transportation); and Joanne Gassman, former Senior Vice-President, BMO.

• Streetohome is now focusing on Goal 2 in our 10-Year Strategic Plan, which involves developing a comprehensive approach to homelessness prevention that includes breaking the cycle of homelessness and helping individuals thrive.

Read Streetohome's 2015 Annual Report & Progress Report to learn more.