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annual report

Annual Report


We are making sure to fulfill our promise to the community that we would measure and share our achievements each year. 

Our 2016 Annual Report is now out. A few highlights from this year's report:

• Since 2008, Streetohome has contributed more than $30 million to supportive housing and prevention projects.

• Streetohome is exploring a private-sector role in addressing the root causes of homelessness, including unemployment and addiction recovery.

• By the end of 2016, Streetohome had committed to 21 buildings, providing 1,325 homes.

• Since its inception in 2012, the Vancouver Rent Bank (a Streetohome-funded project) has approved 585 loans and helped 989 individuals, including 237 children from becoming homeless.

Read Streetohome's 2016 Annual Report & Progress Report to learn more.